Purchase Order Financing

Reach Your Full Business Potential With Purchase Order Financing

As a business that sells presold merchandise and finished goods, it’s crucial to your success that you can acquire merchandise as soon as the need arises. At BMG Tax Experts, we specialize in products that are designed to help the small business owner succeed. We extend purchase order financing to wholesalers, producers, resellers and distributors who deal in imports, exports and domestic production. Our goal as trusted lenders is to help you get into a position where you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to fund your next order and where you can instead focus on business growth.

The Go-To Lenders for Purchase Order Financing

BMG Tax Experts has extensive experience in letters of credit for domestic trade purchases and import and export transactions. We also regularly deal with production finance for works in progress. Our experience puts us in a position to better serve you. It also enables us to obtain funding for businesses that may not normally qualify, such as startups and organizations with poor cash flow. Experience aside, some other benefits of using our purchase order financing are as follows:

  • Obtain immediate and flexible funding
  • Meet customers’ demands more easily
  • Fulfill larger orders and boost your profits
  • Grow your business without going into debt or sacrificing equity
  • Expand your market share

If the possibilities excite you, take the first step toward obtaining funding today. Call our lenders now.