Accounts Receivable

Power Your Small Business With Accounts Receivable Financing

Growing a small business requires many kinds of resources. Capital is just one of them, but it’s the most important of them all. Sales growth and new customers offer a lot of potential. And BMG Tax Experts can help you make the most of those opportunities. Whether your company is new or established, our accounts receivable financing supplies the fast funding you need to succeed.

The Mechanics of Financing Receivables

You’ve likely heard of invoice factoring before. If not, here’s a quick rundown of how it works. Strictly speaking, it’s not a loan but a method of converting unpaid customer invoices to cash. You sell these at a discount to a third party, also known as a factor.

As your factor, we pay you immediately for the invoices you sell to us. We then collect payment from customers when those invoices are due. You get your cash in 24 hours plus some other key benefits:

  • No-cost credit insurance on qualifying accounts
  • No fixed payments needed
  • No personal guarantees or recourse required
  • More available funding as sales increase

We Can Help Your Enterprise Succeed

Our accounts receivable financing provides fast funding with no long-term debt or equity impacts. You can use this money for inventory, supplies, equipment, payroll and other critical needs. Get started by contacting our specialists today.